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Research & Journal Articles

Research & Journal Articles

Please note that due to copyright restrictions, the majority of the links below will take you to an abstract of the article or the publisher's website, where you may be able to access the full text by registering or purchasing access to the article.

HH Peter Rook QC (June 2019) Prosecuting Sexual Offences A Report by JUSTICE

Kitson-Boyce, R., Blagden, N., Winder, B. and Dillon, G. (August 2018) A prison-model of CoSA: the potential to offer “through the gate” support and accountability Journal of Sexual Aggression

HM Prison and Probation Service (September 2018) An exploratory study of the experiences of a small sample of men convicted of sexual offences who have reoffended after participating in prison-based treatment

Institute of Criminology University of Cambridge (July 2018) ‘Why Wouldn’t You Have a Circle?’ An Evaluation of the Glebe House Circles Pilot

Ministry of Justice Study (2014) Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA): a case file review of two pilots

Thomas, T., Thompson, D., & Karstedt, K. (2014), Assessing the impact of Circles of Support and Accountability on the reintegration of adults convicted of sexual offences in the community Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, School of Law, University of Leeds

Armstrong, S., Chistyakova, Y. Mackensie, S., and Malloch, M. (2008) Circles of Support and Accountability: Consideration of the feasibility of pilots in Scotland.  The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research.

Bates, A., Saunders, R., & Wilson, C (2007). A follow-up study of sex offenders participating in Thames Valley Circles of Support and Accountability.  British Journal of Community Justice, Volume 5, Issue 1

Cesaroni, C., (2001) Releasing sex offenders into the community through "Circles of Support" - a means of reintegrating the "worst of the worst" .  Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, Volume 34, Issue 2

Drewery, H. (2003) The people behind Circles of Support: Helen Drewery describes the motivations of volunteers in the Circles of Support and Accountability programme.  Criminal Justice Matters, Volume 52, Issue 1

Haslewood-Pócsik. I., Smith. E. and Spencer, J. (2008) IMPACT Circles: balancing risk management with support: a study of an innovative approach in working with sex offenders.  University of Manchester: Unpublished.

Hannem, S. and Petrunik, M.(2007) Circles of Support and Accountability: a community justice initiative for the reintegration of high risk sex offenders.  Contemporary Justice Review Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 153–171

Kirkwood, S. and Richley, T. (2008) Circles of Support and Accountability: the case for their use in Scotland to assist in the community reintegration and risk management of sexual offenders.  SCOLAG Journal, Issue 372, pp.236-239

Nellis, M (2009) Circles of Support and Accountability for sex offenders in England and Wales: their origins and implementation between 1999 -2005.  British Journal of Community Justice, Volume 7, pp23-44 

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Petrunick, M. and Deutschmann, L. (2007) The exclusion inclusion spectrum in state and community responses to sex offenders in Anglo-American and European jurisdictions.  International Journal Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology,  Volume 52, pp 499 -519

Wilson, C (2006) A problem shared.  Safer Society: The Journal of Crime Reduction and Community Safety, Issue 30, pp 30-32 

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Wilson, R., McWhinnie. A. J., and Wilson, C. (2008) An international partnership in reducing sexual offender recidivism. Prison Service Journal, Issue 178

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Wilson, R., Picheca, J. and Michelle Prinzo (2007) Evaluating the effectiveness of professionally-facilitated volunteerism in the community-based management of high-risk sexual offenders: part one – effects on participants and stakeholders. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, Volume 46, Issue 3, pp 289-302,

Wilson, R., Picheca, J. and Michelle Prinzo (2007) Evaluating the effectiveness of professionally-facilitated volunteerism in the community-based management of high-risk sexual offenders: part two – a comparison of recidivism rates.  The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, Volume 46, Issue 4 pp 327-337.

Wilson, R. and Prinzo, M. (2002) Circles of Support: a restorative justice initiative.  Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 59-77

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