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About Us

Circles4EU aims to encourage and to facilitate the development of Circles of Support and Accountability across Europe. In April 2008, Bas Vogelvang, Professor of Probation, Parole and Safety Policy at Avans University of Applied Sciences, attended a Council for European Probation (CEP) workshop in Glasgow in the United Kingdom. During one of the workshop sessions he first heard about Circles of Support and Accountability and how it was implemented in England. Enthusiastic about this innovative approach to monitor and support sex offenders in the community and by the community, he became a strong advocate to start Circles in the Netherlands. The Dutch Probation Service was willing to pilot Circles in the 's-Hertogenbosch area. Recognising the potential for further implementation across Europe, Bas Vogelvang took the initiative to start a European funded project that would identify the critical factors for successful in transferring Circles from one country to another. This project, 'Circles Europe: Together for Safety', funded under the DAPHNE III Programme, started in 2010 and was centred around the transfer of the Circles methodology from England to Netherlands and as a phase two from the Netherlands to Flanders.

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Confidentiality statement

Circles UK, as the umbrella charity for Circles Providers across England Wales can provide information on the availability of Circles across England and Wales and how to volunteer for our work. Circles UK itself does not provide advice or counselling. In a situation when anyone contacting us provides identifying information and raises our concerns that a child is at risk, or a criminal offence has been committed of which the police may be unaware, we will pass that information onto the appropriate agencies.